On Friday 9/30/2016, I was looking at my cat just getting up from a nap in my backyard and upon doing so he scared an entire flock of big pigeons from the bird feeder,  except for one bird. I saw it hanging upside down stuck in the chain of my smaller bird feeder. It wasn’t moving so I didn’t know if it was alive or dead.  I quickly put the cat away and went over to the bird and saw that it was still alive so to calm myself I started Reiki  for both of us.  As I held the bird in one hand and unhooked the feeder with my other.  This wild birds heart was beating faster than mine and as I gave him the Reiki his heartbeat slowed and I spoke to him and cleaned his foot.  I was able to pet him and then as if nothing happened the bird flew away.  In two days, I was about to take an Animal Communication Class.  I felt so blessed to have been able to help the bird with Reiki & then I realized the bird helped me by giving me a chance to use Reiki and Animal Communication.  Thank you for the encouragement my new feathered friend!