Danny A. – Sycamore Canyon Equestrian Center, San Dimas, CA

I am 77 and suffer with pain throughout my body. I have had several Reiki treatments from Mary Ann,  and each time the pain is gone and I can sleep through the night. Her energy is amazing!

Mary S.  – San Dimas, CA

Alana G.


Ella C.

Fyre Dragon Farm Welsh Ponies
21849 W Narramore , Buckeye , Az 85326

During the week of Aug 15th
– 19th I received 3 treatments with the Magna Wave.
They were administered by Mary Ann Graham.
I was having trouble with a tight and sore right shoulder.
It was causing numbness in my fingers and leading to loss of sleep.
After 1 treatment the muscle soreness went away and after 2 treatments
my hand did not wake me up at night!
It has been over a week since my treatments and the shoulder is still good.
I would not hesitate to use this on my animals, it is painless and works.
Sheri Kalfas

The Magna Wave is an awesome tool for inflammation control and for pain relief. I have a frozen shoulder that is in a chronic state and the Wave brought good relief for the week that I was fortunate enough to have access to it. It also helped to relieve sharp pain in the rear deltoid region that is still feeling relief one week later. I am very impressed with the level of expertise of the operator,Mary Ann Graham, Thanks to her and the wave I have a little more range of motion and better pain relief.

Thank you again Mary Ann.

Dave Fitton

Recently I was given a treatment by Mary Ann Graham with the Magna Wave PEMF machine. I suffer from neck and back injuries so sleeping is not comfortable. The result of the treatment I had a wonderful nights sleep. My neck and shoulders felt relaxed.

Cheryl Henderson- Jacksonville OR

Chester- the Horse’s Story by Carrie (owner)

Moriah’s Story

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